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Gotta give it to the greenies - San Francisco Tea Party greets The caliph خليفة Benedict Arnold; Picks up the trash

Monday, October 08, 2012

San Francisco Tea Party greets Obama; Picks up the trash

Pres. Obama came to San Francisco tonight for yet another fundraiser, this one at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.  The San Francisco Tea Party was there to greet him (click on any photo to enlarge):

This is Obama's last scheduled trip to San Francisco before the election. If November goes well, this will be his last trip to San Francisco as President.

On "The View," our President joked about being "eye candy."  So, one of the signs below reads "we need a leader in the White House, not eye candy."

Romney signs were everywhere:

"Worst President Ever" seems to sum up America's situation:

In many of these photos, you can see red NObama fingers.  They were a response to a local reporters objection to Gov. Brewer's waving her index finger at the President (click here for rest of the story).

MSM reporters now acknowledge the existence the of the Tea Party.  Below, a reporter from Channel 4 attempts to interview a woman at the tea party.  She asks if he will edit whatever she says until it means something else.  The reporter mumbled a bit and then walked away without the interview:

At many previous San Francisco protests, left and right have often mixed together easily.  Here a PETA protester, dressed as an elephant, stands side-by-side with a tea partier:

Another lefty was this man on roller skates (below).  Not as polite as the elephant, he identified himself as a "porn star" and wore a shirt that read "Mitt Romney is a douche":

There were exceptions to SF's usual easy camaraderie between left and right.  The man (below) in the white t-shirt wandered into the Tea Party area where a woman (below, in a black top) struck up a conversation with him.  They had a friendly and productive talk about payroll taxes, among other topics.  This, however, incensed the nearby Obama supporters who shouted at him telling him not to listen to her because, on the Tea Party side, "no one there looks like him."  Such racial taunting from the Obama supporters continued all night.

The Obama supporter shown below waiting in line to get into the fundraiser shouted at the tea partiers about how Mormons give at least 10% of their income to charity.  In her opinion, this was somehow a bad thing.  Eventually words failed her and she simply gave the tea partiers the middle finger:

At one point, some Obama supporters appeared to be potentially violent and the SF police asked the Tea Party to move away to a less visible location.  Always inclined to obey the police, the Tea Party complied.  In response the Obama supporters clapped and celebrated with chants of "na na na na, hey hey hey, good-bye."  This prompted the Tea Party to hold an impromptu meeting in which they decided to put safety aside and go back and stand their ground.

The Tea Party protest continued into the evening:

The orange coloring to the lights in the San Francisco City Hall (shown above) is a tribute to the SF Giants.

For people nominally concerned about the "environment," liberals generate a surprising amount of trash.  As Obama supporters moved along in the line to get into the fundraiser, they left behind an impressive amount of trash, such as shown below:

Tea Partiers shouted "pick up your garbage" and "this is San Francisco, what about recycling?"  There was no response.  They chanted "Obama leaves a mess."  Still no response.  Eventually, a tea partier (wearing the black cowboy hat) crosses over and starts to pick up the trash on his own:

Other tea partiers join him.  Another manages to find a trash bag.  Soon the trash is being collected:

Not everyone was pleased with this, though.  An Obama official came over and objected, shouting "stop, stop, stop."  Then several more Obama officials arrived, including the man in the foreground below, to bully the people picking up the trash:

(The Obama man above was camera shy, so, to protect his identity, I put a black bar over his eyes.)

You can help clean up the trash too:  go to the nearest swing state and campaign for Romney.  If you live in California, there is still time to volunteer for NobamaNevada.

This protest was organized by the Sally Zelikovsky of the Bay Area Patriots.  It was attended by patriots from the North Bay Patriots (Marin County), MyLiberty (San Mateo County), and other Tea Parties of the SF Bay Area.

Larry from SF was there.  So, expect more photos of this protest at his blog: Fund47.  [Update: Larry's photo's are here.]

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